How to Download Songs from SoundCloud

A guide on converting and downloading SoundCloud tracks to MP3

It's very rarely that users enable the download option to download music straight from SoundCloud.

Your best bet is to use a SoundCloud downloader and converter app, like GrabThatSong.

Refer to the following steps for downloading a song from SoundCloud:

1. Copy the SoundCloud page link

Visit the song page in SoundCloud and copy the URL which you can find in the browser's toolbar.

Open SoundCloud Song Page and Copy the URL from the Address Bar

Now go to GrabThatSong!

2. Paste it into GrabThatSong and click the button

Simply copy the URL adddress into GrabThatSong's input field and click "Get It". This will initiate the download preparation process on the server.

Copy SoundCloud Page URL into GrabThatSong and click Get It

3️. Download MP3 to your device

After the download preparation phase was completed, a download button appears under the input field.

Click the Download button to initiate the SoundCloud MP3 download

Clicking on the Download button will initiate the download process. The downloaded song will be in 128KBps MP3 format, ready to be played on all kinds of electronic audio devices

Happy listening!