Download a song from SoundCloud

Example input:
Great news! You can now download your song. is a reliable SoundCloud song downloader and MP3 converter. Use this online tool to download any SoundCloud song in MP3 format straight to your device.

Why is it better to use GrabThatSong than other downloader sites?

GrabThatSong doesn't rely on programmatic access to SoundCloud's internals (in nerd speak: SoundCloud's API access). That means this service is not subjected to any of SoundCloud's limitations: download limiting, rate throttling, API troubles, etc.

Instead, GrabThatSong automates a real user session on SoundCloud and streams the song straight into your download. This is future proof and will always work. You're welcome!

There is no download button on a SoundCloud song page. Can I use to download it?

That is exactly why this service exists. GrabThatSong is a SoundCloud MP3 converter that is able to download any song you can play in your browser. Put the link into the input above, buddy. You'll be rocking your AUX duty in no time.

What is the format and quality of a downloaded song?

It's a 128Kbps (or 320, when available) standard MP3 format.